Where is Floating Fun located?

Floating Fun headquarters is located at 1741 Priebes Mill Road, Oxford, AL.

Where do I park my vehicle?

Ample parking is available at our headquarters.  There is very limited to no parking at the privately-owned creek exits.  Floating Fun staff will direct groups providing their own pickup transportation.

How do I register?

Write, call, or text us at least 2 days in advance at jamesorear@gmail.com or phone between 7:30 am to 6:00 pm CST to Jamie 256-589-4418. 

Can I bring large groups?

Yes, we can accommodate just over 100 in a group.  To do this many you need to make arrangements at least 3 weeks in advance.  For groups of 15 to 70, please give us at least 10 days advance contact.  30% Non-refundable pre-pay may be required to hold your reservation.

How do I get on my float?

Arrive at our headquarters, park in our field, fill in (or bring filled-in waivers to expedite your trip), complete the financial part, then get your equipment.  Walk to creek or river with your tube, etc then hold the tube close behind you, using the handles.  Plop backward towards the water into the float.

How do I use my push stick?

Your push stick will help you move away from tree limbs, rocks, or other obstacles.  In most places, your stick will reach the bottom.  Use it to push your float away from obstacles.

Do I have to wear a life jacket?

Yes.  For safety reasons, insurance says floaters should wear a life jacket.  It is impossible to put on a life jacket after you fall into the water.  Put your life jacket on before going down the bank, and check for others around you, especially youngsters.

What should I wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes (swimsuits are fine).  You should also wear covered-toe shoes that will stay on your feet to protect yourself from fishhooks or other sharp objects that might be in the creek or river.

Can I bring snacks?

Yes. Snacks and drinks are allowed. Cooler tubes are available for rent and will support 50 pounds. Cooler tubes can be connected to an individual tube with straps. Plastic bottles only – – don’t bring glass or foam containers for fluids or as a cooler.

Where Should I throw my trash?

You must pack out all your trash. We will provide a mesh trash bag for your group if you ask. Alabama has a $500 fine for water littering. Remember: Trash in, Trash Out–bring out more trash than you took in to protect the unspoiled beauty you want to enjoy on the Choccolocco Creek.

Can I picnic along the bank?

Yes, but only at our private exit areas. This is a beautiful and remote float experience, with all the land alongside the banks under private ownership so do not enter/trespass unless it is an emergency.

Can I bring my cell phone, camera, keys or other electronics?

Yes. However, water will damage unprotected equipment. Floating Fun is not liable for any damage to personal items (including, but not limited to, cell phones, cameras, radios, and other devices). If you decide to take a cell phone or any other device that does not do well underwater, put it in a waterproof container that you can fasten securely to your life jacket.

Can I bring a radio or a boom box?

No, the creek is a peaceful place. You can, however, enjoy the sounds of nature while you float.

What should I do if the weather turns bad?

If you see or hear lightning, get out of the water. Find a low place away from tall trees to crouch. Do not bunch together. Crouch down low and sit on your life jacket or rocks until the danger has passed. The weather service suggests waiting 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder to re-enter the water.

What should I do if I lose my tube?

Do not stand in moving water deeper than your shin. It can knock you down and pull you under. Should you get free of your tube in a current, stay flat on your back with your feet pointed downstream until the current subsides, then swim to the bank or your tube.  Average tube replacements are $72 each.  Average accessory replacements are $18 each.

What should I do if I get caught on a rock?

Though it seems counterintuitive, ALWAYS lean downstream when up against a rock or ledge, then the current will lift you up and push you around the impediment.  Leaning upstream will flip you into the water.

What else do I need to know about floating? 

Do not deflate or attempt to deflate the tube in any way. An improperly inflated tube will sink and tear on rocky places. All of our tubes are high-grade vinyl thickness with emergency float chambers – do not deflate either one. Stay well away from trees and their branches down in the water. Tree branches can injure floaters and can damage equipment.

How do I know where to exit the creek or river?

Every exit has plastic multi-colored banners, a mile marker sign, and a sign with its exit number that you can see well before you arrive.  Once you see these begin working your way toward that exit to which you paid. 

How will I get picked up?

From experience with different creek and river levels, float group sizes, what you are floating on, and start times we have a very good idea of when you should approach your exit.  So we arrive just before or close to that time to pick you up and return you to the Start in our vans.  Call or text Floating Fun @ 256-589-4418.

What should I do at the end of my float?

When you near your exit, begin to float toward the bank. Use your stick to help you stand near the bank, and then pull your float out of the water. When your float is finished either your vehicle transport or the Floating Fun shuttle will meet you at the takeout. We will load the equipment on the trailer and return you to your vehicle as arranged prior to the float.

How do we contact Floating Fun during our float trip, or if we decide to end our float trip earlier than originally planned, or if we should have an emergency?

Always consider taking a phone with you in a very waterproof container attached to you and/or your life jacket.  If it is a true emergency, first call 911 and tell them what Mile Marker or Exit you are near (they have maps from us of every access place).  After calling 911 for an emergency or directly if not an emergency – call or text us at – Jamie 256-589-4418.   We would like you to leave your cell phone number with us at our Start HQ before you board our van to the creek access.