We are located at 1741 Priebes Mill Road Oxford, AL

1. You must wear shoes that will not come off your feet. Best, too, to have toes covered. Absolutely NO FLIP FLOPS!

2. You must wear shoes and appropriate clothing. Fish hooks can really hurt feet. Absolutely NO FISHING!

3. Life jackets MUST be worn and fastened around your body. It’s impossible to put on a life jacket after you fall into the water.  A tube in current will float away faster than you can swim.

4. Alabama has a $500 Fine for water littering. We provide a mesh trash bag for each group. Bring out more than you took in. Trash on the bottom is dangerous to step into and onto.

5. 5 years of age minimum and 300 pounds maximum weight of a person to rent from Floating Fun. One round single tube per person. Two people max for the double tubes. One person, or adult and child on fun-yaks which will carry up to 300 pounds.

6. DO NOT STAND IN MOVING WATER DEEPER than your shin – it can knock you down and pull you under.

7. Overall this is a beautiful and remote float experience. The land alongside and the very few homes are private lands which you should not enter/trespass unless it is an emergency.

8. If you decide to take a cell phone or any other device that does not do well underwater, put it in a waterproof container that you fasten close and securely to your life jacket. We will share with you our cell numbers for emergency contact.  We sell waterproof containers for $5.00.

9. A legal picture ID or car keys are required as a deposit on our rental equipment when individually renting at our office instead of in advance. We do not accept payment by check unless given 10 days in advance of your rental which has cleared the bank.  * Checks are accepted for church and other special groups.

10. Best to keep your head upstream and your feet downstream.  Though it seems counterintuitive ALWAYS lean downstream when up against a rock or ledge, then the current will lift you up and push you around the impediment.  Leaning upstream will flip you into the water.

11. All floaters MUST be out of the water by 5:00 pm to avoid any penalties reimbursing overtime labor at either location!

For questions call or text us at 256-589-4418.