Trip Info

We are located at 1741 Priebes Mill Road Oxford, AL

What to Expect on the Creek

Expect rocky shoals, some quick currents, remote beauty, and an enjoyable tubing experience.


Reservations to float with us are not required but highly encouraged.  Our payment methods include Credit/Debit Cards (by phone, email, PayPal, and at our headquarters).

From a Church or Business Firm, we know or can gain reference, we sometimes accept a check at our headquarters on Reservation Day.  We request a $20 non-refundable reservation for groups of 10 or more, yet is movable to a new date in the season.

Approved advance mailed checks go to Floating Fun, 2080 County Road 6, Wedowee, AL 36278 USA-be sure to reference your reservation information on the check.

Please feel free to call our office in advance to verify that we have enough inventory available for your group on the day you want to float.

When you advance register prior to your arrival at Floating Fun, your name, phone number, email address, and rental options are entered into our files and arranged by your particular float day and float choice.



We are Alabama’s ‘Premier Tube Trip’ with many tubes in stock.  Nothing beats a refreshing tube trip on a pleasant day, with the soothing sounds of babbling water cascading alongside, with your friends.

 When you arrive – if your paperwork is in order and you are on the advance spreadsheet, what you rented will be ready for you. Put your life jacket on before going down the bank, and check for others around you, especially youngsters. Then place the tube around your bottom, holding it close, and plop backwards into the water.


Operating Hours and Days

We open beginning the first Thursday in May.  We are open each weekend Thursday through Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm.  We will open Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday with two or three days’ notice.  We are open through mid-October.  Please make reservations for the month of September and October to reserve our presence.

We will be open on Mondays and all week when a holiday falls on that week.  (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Columbus Day).

All floaters MUST be out of the water by 5:00 pm to avoid any penalties reimbursing overtime labor at $5 per person every 30 minutes after 5:30 pm!

Sun and Rain

If it is raining, the temperature is 70 degrees or above, no lightning is forecast, you still wish to float, and the water level is not at, or expected to reach a challenging level in our opinion, we will allow you to float, with waiver/release signed.

 Rainy day and Flood Rain Checks available at our discretion.


Click the links below to print and sign.  Make sure to bring these forms with you.  Someone in a group MUST be at least 19 years old.  The minimum group is that of two (2) people… no solo tubers.  The minimum age is five (5) years old.

Adults (Age 19 and Older) | Dependents (All Under Age 19)

If the weather turns bad while you are floating, and you get out of the water, we suggest you do not bunch together, stay away from tall trees and rocks, crouch down low and sit on your life jacket until you believe the danger has passed.  The weather service online has said lightning can travel ten miles.

end of long trip waterfall

Know this

    * You are responsible for all equipment that is lost or damaged


    * Shoals/small rapids on each section

    * Children must be 5 years or older

    * Don’t bring glass or foam containers for fluids or as a cooler

    * Cooler tube will support 50 pounds

    * Cooler tubes have straps to connect to your tube

    * Should you get free of your tube in a current, stay flat on your back with your feet
 downstream until the current subsides, then swim to the bank or your tube.

    * Float with a ‘buddy’

    * Do not attempt to, or in some way, deflate the tube as it will sink and tear on rocky places

    * Everyone MUST wear a life jacket fastened around them during the entire float

    * For everyone’s safety wearing life jackets and shoes (NO FLIP FLOPS) is a must!

    * Stay well away from trees and their branches down in the water.  Well away.

    * Your vehicle transport or our vehicle will meet you at your takeout for you to return our equipment in good condition and you to your vehicle as prior arranged.

    * Each group will be issued a mesh trash bag.

    * Free Push Stick use for every tuber.

For questions call or text us at 256-589-4418.

PayPal Checkout options are below.  Select your exit and Float Type and click the PayPal name to checkout.

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